With a love for fashin and interiors, new owner and Creative Director Lonnie Grover is helping to elevate and modernize the brand to shepherd it into the next generation. Dallas-based Veritas Home creates unique glass pieces that bring modern elegance to every area of the home. With experience in the Home Building, interiors, and design arenas, Grover is bringing his style and expertise to Veritas Home in hopes of expanding the brand’s footprint.

 “It is important to our brand and our customers that we continue to produce products that are extremely high-quality and further the integrity of the brand, Veritas Home,” says Lonnie Grover, Owner and Creative Director of Veritas Home. “While maintaining our standard of excellence, we also want to provide our customers with new items that speak to modernity and sophistication, things that never go out of style. They are timeless. That is the goal of our new direction in Veritas Home.”

   In this new era, Veritas Home is bringing a youthful, contemporary feel to glass, yet continuing the brand’s tradition of timeless style. Each piece is created to illuminate the home and be a centerpiece for conversation. In addition to some of its core pieces, like the Pinwheel Bowl will come an accessible modern collection, Gelato, which will feature pieces for the contemporary buyer. Veritas Home’s pieces are created with stunning precision, and each cut creates an exceptional clarity of the glass, bringing a new edge to the luxury interiors industry.


   Veritas Home can be found online or in national retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Barney’s New York, and Bergdorf Goodman. Fans of the brand can also find Veritas Home in luxury retail outlets around the country such as Gearys (Beverly Hills), Checkers (Aspen), Nuvo (Dallas), Flare (New York City) and more.


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